GUCCI S/S 2018


More is more at Gucci and spring is no expectation. Fashion for Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele is a powerful language, a mind-set that breaks away from conventional schemes, a visual narrative that never ceases to surprise. His vision is bold, extravagant and over-the-top, effortlessly straddling the past and future, artistry and virtuosity.  

Calling his collection ‘The Art of Creation as an Act of Resistance,’ Michele’s spring feast is a joyful hymn to self-determination, a celebration of the freedom to decide about one’s own body and life. An invitation to be yourself: the only true transgression that ensures us to get closer to happiness.

His clothes certainly are infectious and upbeat. In an homage to 80s video gaming culture, the Guccy print in SEGA® logo font—a fixture in the colorful arcades and coin-operated game rooms of the time, steals the spotlight, similarly to the Guccification logo. Both are splashed throughout, appearing on the accessories, Tees and sweatshirts.

Amping the glamour factor is the spate of typical feminine flourishes, including ribbons, bows, lace, pearls and crystal details while silks are primarily printed with bold floral patterns.

In the same vein is the new advertising campaign that features the work of Spanish artist and illustrator Ignasi Monreal. The images evoke a ‘Utopian Fantasy’ via three elements – the earth, the sea and the sky. The vivid photorealist artworks woo us into a magical and uncanny world, viewed through a surreal and heightened sensual lens. Monreal’s digital paintings are full of surprising detail and fantastical features that create haunting characters that inhabit the mythical universe conjured from his remarkable imagination. Gucci’s products are peppered throughout, becoming part of an extraordinary, highly visual narrative.

After all, to say it in Michele’s words, “Creation is a poetic act.”