Luxury eyewear brand Port Tanger is the brainchild of Daniël Sumarna and Bilal Fellah, inspired by a poem found in a travel diary about the vibrant coastal city of Tangier, Morocco.
Port Tanger aims to preserve the colors and cultures that travelers see and experience through design. Handcrafted in Japan, each frame embodies the sensibilities of contemporary travelers and of the contemporary vagabond. The design team interprets the current zeitgeist but also the personal stories of each individual, weaving them into singular, idiosyncratic products guided by the brand’s family values, ethics, and world perspectives.
Every frame meets Port Tanger’s strict standards of excellence in form, function, and ethics, incorporating innovative molding techniques for maximum comfort and style. Its one-front, curved structure is designed to perfectly complement the face's natural contours, celebrating individuality.

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