ROHE SS 2024

Known for its quiet luxury and reinvented classics, Amsterdam-based Róhe was established in 2021 by Marieke Meulendijks and Maickel Weyers. The brand’s philosophy is multi-disciplinary, combining craft, innovation, and an artistic community. Characterized by a new definition of tailoring and elevated minimalism, each piece is designed to complement the existing collection and is crafted from exceptional Italian fabrics, ensuring that the personal wardrobe transcends seasons.
The Frame 03 collection is inspired by the brand's home and creative space at Herengracht 286 in Amsterdam. The collection is centered around contrasts and inspired by architectural drawings, barred windows, and traditional masculine tailoring, reimagined into new shapes, modern drapes, and subtle details.The palette is inspired by the change of season, from brown branches to fresh green crowns and spring’s blue skies.

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