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Diotima is the newest brand to join our curated selection, driven by a relentless pursuit of newness and uniqueness. Founded by Rachel Scott in 2021, this fledgling newcomer celebrates the designer’s Jamaican roots and reverence for craft, unique details and prized materials.

Characterized by the use of crochet that is entirely made in Jamaica, Diotima's hallmarks include sensual cutouts, soft body-skimming materials, backless dresses, and precise tailoring.

“Through Diotima I seek to present a seductive and nuanced vision of Caribbean style, looking to the future while remaining grounded in history and my lived experience as a Jamaican. Rooted in a reverence for savoir-faire, the focus is placed on supporting and amplifying artisanal communities in Jamaica,” says Scott.

The SS 2024 collection, Nine-Night, named after a Jamaican funerary practice of meditating on someone’s death for nine nights, featured plenty of signatures such as doily tops, relaxed pants, pleated midi skirts, and crocheted inserts. For the presentation, Scott teamed up with Jamaican contemporary artist Laura Facey. Diotima is committed to sustainability, producing only two collections a year, all made to order and crafted with responsibly produced materials.
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